More information on International Research Collaborations:

Terra’s International Research Collaborations center on taking high school researchers and giving them the opportunity to work with someone from another country. During this collaboration, the students will approach a unique research project (of their own design) and investigate a different aspect of their question. The highlights of this program involve an initial planning visit by students and faculty as well as a reciprocal visit at the end of the research. Thus, this is a scientific/cultural exchange with visiting students spending time on science as well as experiencing another culture.

Terra’s Role:

Terra will take an active role in your first year of collaboration. After the first year, you will be prepared to carry out the collaboration on your own…with or without Terra involvement.

During the set-up process Terra will facilitate the following:

  • Setting up partnerships with interested schools.
  • Choosing the research project that will be done by students.
  • Coordinating school visits by students and faculty both at the outset of the research as well as the final project presentation.
  • Helping students organize cultural activities to be done during the visits as well as food and lodging.
  • Helping to manage collaborative student research throughout the school year with guidance from faculty mentors.
  • Helping to organize the final presentation. During the final visit, data is analyzed, presentations prepared and ultimately presented in an “endpoint presentation” such as participation in Genius Olympiad.
  • Terra can provide professional development on setting up an Independent Research Program.

Interested secondary schools should email info@terraed.org

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